Our Mission

To Bring Happiness, Wealth and Stress Free Life for each of Our Business Associates who have shown trust and confidence in our innovative and unique business model. Thus protecting our partners from VUCA syndrome & our devoted team helps in saving every penny efficiently, effectively & transparently.

To Synergize the best in class Diverse Segments of Industries and Allied Services under one roof as Associates and create enormous opportunities for them to grow vertically & horizontally.

To focus on the need of MSME & Unorganized sector which generates maximum employment for the nation but unfortunately struggling for survival and looking for some trusted cost economical solution.

Major Challenges for Your Business

Market development with cut throat competition
High cost of Materials & services
Increasing Manpower cost, questionable quality and exposure of business secrets
Knowledge limitations of fast changing Machine technology
Money stressed due to increasing finance cost & shrinking profits

Effective Solutions from Synergy5M

  • City Centric Unique Associate Supplier based Umbrella gives Assured Market
  • Aggregated buying will attract International & Domestic suppliers which in turn gives an edge over local competitors on RM pricing
  • Passionate team & Unique Business Model will reduce manpower cost, dependence and secure business confidentialities will be secure on your Laptop and Cell Phones
  • Industry & Subject Matter Experts / Consultants will be part of our network & will help you in meeting your technical needs
  • Our Team will approach Big Clients & will generate enquiries for our Associate Suppliers regularly
  • Unique Concept will add value & volume to your business and will improve bottom line

Synergy5M solutions to synchronize 5M’s and enhance profit

How are we Unique & Innovative?

  • Unique Associate Supplier per category Concept will generate assured market
  • Best Capacity Utilization will optimize cost
  • Wider Reach with No extra Sales Team
  • Business will Grow with Expanding Our Network
  • Safeguard your Business Secrets
  • Positive Mind Set

Turbulence in economy is like riding a Big Roller Coaster in rough weather. Every business is looking for a safe shelter for sustainable market position. We at Synergy5M compliment your traditional business model with this new business tool to expand & grow rapidly.

Synergy5M will approach big industries to post their daily procurement needs on our network. This will be forwarded to respective unique Associate Suppliers who can attend this untapped market without sales force & disturbing focus from core business. Associate suppliers will have an opportunity to fulfil the needs within Network also.

How much can we be Trustworthy & Effective

  • Converting Traditional Sourcing to Intelligent Sourcing
  • Best in class pricing and SLAs
  • Additional Profits from Volume discounts
  • Connect to World Class Suppliers
  • Category Management support
  • Protects your Business Insights

Every Industry has some common procurement needs across various commodities, materials and services. Synergy5M has established a ‘Network of reputed Associate Suppliers’ to meet daily procurement needs of Industry Partners.

Innovative & transparent pricing mechanism will make your every spend competitive. Effective service level agreements (SLAs) with Associate Suppliers will ensure lower cost of acquisition of products and services and in return the Associate Suppliers gets assured business.

How can we Save your Precious Time & Spend?

  • Quality Manpower is the basic need
  • High Expenditure on HR Consultants
  • Business Secrets on High Risk
  • Precious time wasted in searching Manpower

Registered Reputed HR Consulting Companies and 3PL Service Providers of our Network will meet your needs at optimum cost & time.

We understand the current trend of Outsourcing the non-core activities and our Unique Supplier in this Category knows this market shift very well. In addition, you will get best in class Consultants, Advisors & Subject Experts at competitive market pricing with good service level agreements.

How can we help you in improving Productivity and Cost?

  • Connectivity to World Class Suppliers
  • Easy reach to Subject Experts
  • E-bidding for High Cost Investments

Experts Acquisition of Specialized machinery supply coupled with a robust maintenance contracts is crucial for sustenance and success of every business venture.

Synergy5M has a good connectivity with best OEMs and Service organizations with deep manufacturing and services expertise to help the ‘S4U Network' for their ongoing requirements for machines and maintenance.

How can we be helpful to you in Minimizing your Investment Cost?

  • Connect to Best Financial Organizations
  • Financial Accounting & Management
  • Strategy Consulting

Acquiring new businesses / technologies and new investments in existing business are the basic needs for Industry Partners. Therefore funding, financial & strategy consulting are the over growing need for Business Partners.

All Industry Partners are able to leverage premium financial institutions and consulting organizations from the 'Umbrella network of Associate Suppliers' at best service level agreements.

When the economy is tough, refocus on the bottom line. Forget the sleepless nights and re-engineer business practices. Partner with Synergy5M!!!