Synergy5M is a unique platform which connects the Industry users to preferred associate suppliers. We host reputed suppliers with pre-negotiated lowest cost of acquisition (LOA) and service level agreements. Category Experts at Synergy5M engage with only one and best in class supplier per category who is referred as ‘Associate Supplier’. This makes sure that there is no competition and provides an opportunity to get assured business to all our Associates.

We have also on-boarded several Industry users who are primarily procurement professionals from SME and large industries who are looking for sourcing new materials/ categories or bring savings and optimization in their existing sourced materials/ categories. They post their requirements on Synergy5M portal time to time.

Our Associate suppliers, only one per category, can be assured of continued business from our umbrella network and can optimize their operations by utilizing all their spare capacity and resources. And all this is possible without any additional sales and marketing expenses.

Being Synergizer of businesses we aggregate all the requirements from our customers and route them to the respective unique ‘Associate Supplier’ who can offer optimum pricing with best service level agreements keeping our customers happy & satisfied.

In this whole process being experts, we help our ‘Associate Suppliers’ in case they are unable to close the business deals due to high price, operational issues as well as any technical help from our other network suppliers. This creates a WIN WIN situation for everyone who is associated with us to expand business, earn more and be satisfied.

For all these value-added services & support, Synergy5M has kept a very low & very flexible payment terms wherein you can transfer payments on Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly basis which is even lower than salary of one unskilled labour which you are paying monthly.

With ‘Industry User’ subscription, User gets an access to post the requirements whereas ‘Associate Supplier’ gets an access to post the requirements as well as submit the proposal for the requirements raised by other ‘Industry users’ and ‘Associate Suppliers’.

  • For Industry User
  • For Synergy5M Associates

Process Flow For Industry User

  • Register (For three months)

  • Post requirements

  • Receive well evaluated proposals

  • Save cost + Add supplier + Award business

  • Provide valuable feedback


Saving Enormous Time of Searching Good Supplier

Prices Offered by Regular Suppliers can be compared

Aggregated Buying of Raw Materials gives price advantage to our Associates

Business approach is from Top to Bottom saves precious time and leakages

Opportunity to Sale your finished products and liquidate Non Moving Stocks

Best Suppliers & Best Quality at Lowest Cost

Synergy5M will help you in achieving your Saving Targets

Wider Reach

Process Flow For Synergy5M Associates

  • Register to become a unique in category

  • Finalize ARCs & SLAs with Synergy5M

  • Receive Genuine Business Enquiries

  • Submit detailed proposals

  • Participate proactively with potential buyer and get the business awarded

  • Insure entries of all businesses concluded on Synergy5M portal and earn reward points

  • View MIS and profit earned

  • Provide valuable feedback


No commissions or hidden costs

Direct dealing with the customers

Continual feedback for improvement

Easy of Use

Avoid leakages of business secretes

Improve profitability

Surplus/additional idle capacity utilization

Significant savings on row material coast