Synergy5M was founded as a collaborative platform of like mind business experts to network, consolidate and use their hardcore expertise for aggregated spend/volumes to realize incremental savings. Our focus is to build a network of business professionals and Associate suppliers to unlock maximum business Value through realized savings, improved control, increased efficiency, lowered risk, enabled agility and innovation.

In nutshell, Industry Partners should join Synergy5M to be Happy, Joyous and Relaxed during Heavy Rains, Hot Summer or Even in Stormy Weather !!!

Learn the Synergy5M 5M Paradigm and leverage the new model to transform your procurement practice and realize sustained shareholder value for your business.

At the same time, our Associate suppliers, only one per category, can be assured of continued business from our umbrella network and can optimize their operations by utilizing all their spare capacity and resources. And all this is possible without any additional sales and marketing expenses.

Can procurement align with and demonstrate a positive impact to the measures of business success?

A question that all CPOs face today in a highly globalized business environment. The procurement function is assuming a key role in reducing the bottom line and having a positive impact on shareholder value for any business. Synergy5M is there to help make this possible by reducing costs, reducing Risks, increasing long term business value and building trust and confidence.

As the procurement organizations assume larger roles in success of every business, there is a paradigm shift in business practices that will evolve. In this context, Synergy5M offers a "State-of-the-art" platform for close collaboration of business professionals across multiple industries and Suppliers of key commodities and Services. Group/Collaborative/Consortiums Buying/ Selling is gaining popularity in recent years because they allow different organizations to combine their purchases and sale for increased volume and thus a greater leverage with suppliers in an effort to reduce prices. Consortium buying/ selling can be very beneficial for organizations that require a low volume of particular commodity or services. These firms may not be able to generate enough volume to negotiate low rates effectively on their own, but when their needs are grouped with a number of other firms’, the combined volume can add up to significant volume and buying power.